Walter Riesen Award 2018

Award «Best Free Communication» and «Best Poster» (both sponsered by AstraZeneca), and "Running Up Award" (sponsored by AGLA)

The winners of the best Free Communication, the best Poster and the "Running Up Award" were announced during the AGLA Update Meeting 2019

Preisträger Clinical Excellence in Lipidology «Walter Riesen Award» 2018 (sponsored by Sanofi)

Panagiotis Antiochos
Lausanne CH

Impact of CD14 polymorphisms on anti-apoA-1 IgG-related CAD risk

Panagiotis Antiochos, Lausanne CH

Baris Gencer
Geneva CH

Eligibility for PCSK9 Inhibitors According to Guidelines After ACS

Baris Gencer, Geneva CH

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