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Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research Meeting 2017

Best Poster and Free Communication

The winners of the best Poster and of the best Free Communication were announced during the Meeting 2017

Best Poster

Stefano Andrea
De Simone, Berne

P30 – Optogenetic approach to investigate electrotonic cardiomyocyte-myofibroblast coupling

S. A. De Simone1, S. Rohr1 (1Bern)

Darko Maric

P2 – Role of AKAP2 in cardiac function and protection

D. Maric1, M. Arambasic1, I. Perez López1, C. Boéchat1, D. Diviani1 (1Lausanne)

Maria Arnold

P24 – Molecular and metabolic mechanisms of cardioprotective reperfusion strategies in an isolated rat heart model of donation after circulatory death

M. Arnold1, N. Méndez Carmona1, R. K. Wyss1, H. Tevaearai Stahel1, T. Carrel1, S. Longnus1 (1Bern)

Best Free Communication

Loïc Le Gal

FC12 – Connexin37-dependent mechanism alters the development of renin-dependent hypertension

L. Le Gal1, F. Alonso1, L. Hamard1, F. Allagnat1, M. Pellegrin1, M. Lambelet1, L. Mazzolai1, C. Wagner2, J. A. Haefliger1 (1Lausanne; 2Regensburg)

Daniel S. Gaul

FC14 – Sirt3 deficiency increases arterial thrombosis by elevating plasma tissue factor levels and boosting formation of neutrophil extracellular traps

D. Gaul1, S. Winnik2, S. Sluka2, J. Weber1, L. Pasterk1, L. J. van Tits1, M. F. Reiner1, C. Lohmann1, F. C. Tanner2, G. G. Camici1, T. F. Lüscher2, C. M. Matter2 (1Schlieren; 2Zürich)